Who am I?

Hello and again, welcome.

My name is Kathy "Ice Queen" Geeraerts and I was born September 12th 1977 in Beringen. IT lady by day. Dart player and singer by night.

I've always been a bit of a rebel and a tomboy, so it's not a real surprise that I got into darts. :)
When I was a little girl my brother had a "vogelpik" board hanging in the garage. That's how I started.

Later on I'd play for fun in pubs with friends; mostly electronic darts but never competitively.

In 1997 a friend of mine asked me to join his team; which I did. Thus I started playing competitive steel tip darts in 1997 in the Shamrock in Leopoldsburg. I played there until the place went bust in 2009. I then played for the Nine Darters B for two years and 5 years for the Flying Darts in Maasmechelen. This was for VDB Limburg. (Vlaamse Dartsbond). I played for Den Dijk A in Zonhoven for 2 years and for De Adelaar A for a year. I don't play for any teams atm.

I started playing tournaments in 2009. You can read all about My Accomplishments. These are listed by year.
My biggest dream is to play in the World Championships so my mom can see me on that big stage on TV and be proud.
Game on!