Me as a dart player

Here's a few more details about me as a dart player which were not in About Me

Favorite dart player? 

Deta Hedman. Why? Because she is absolute class on and off the board. She's a dear friend and simply a great lady.
Other than that... Dimitri Van den Bergh, Jim Williams and Beau Greaves. To even have a 10th of their talent... Plus, they're very good friends of mine. :)

I actually admire several dart players, but Deta, Dimitri, Jim and Beau are at the top of the list. In my opinion they are true champions.

Walk On Song?

Ice Queen by Within Temptation (of course) :)


27g - Mission Nightfall M1 - right-handed

Most memorable dart experience?
Winning the Catalonia Open 2012. My first "big" win. :)
And then winning the 3rd Romanian International Caro Darts Open 2012 a few weeks after.