COVID-19 - June Update - donderdag 24 juni 2021

The Consultative Committee has decided that we get to play darts again in pubs as of June 27th and the pubs can stay open until 0100H. Here in Belgium we do have to wear face masks whilst playing or marking. 
I've already played a few tournaments in The Netherlands, but as of next Sunday (July 4th) I'll be playing some in Belgium as well. Fingers crossed that with most people having received their vaccines COVID-19 will finally be under control. IMO it'll probably always be around just like the regular 'flu and we'll probably have to get a yearly shot for it, but hey.... That'd be better than having to go into lock down every so often. Though if I'm honest I'm probably one of the few people who wasn't bothered by that.
Anyways.... Competitions will also be starting again in September and October. I've joined two new teams. Let's hope we can now start and finish the season normally. And I'd best hit the practice board.... Hard. ;)
I think I can safely say most of us are looking forward to get back a little normalcy. 

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