COVID-19 11/21 Update - vrijdag 26 november 2021

After having been allowed to play darts "normally" for the past few months the consultative committee has now decided that all pubs, bars, restaurants etc again have to close at 2300H.
This means that our darts competition here in Belgium has to be put on hold yet again for at least the next 4 weeks.
Though about 75% of our population has been fully vaccinated, the number of infections are through the roof.
So people, please, stay safe, stay healthy. Wash and disinfect your hands often. Wear your face mask wherever you go in the correct manner. (Yes, I am well aware it's annoying and we're all sick and tired of it) If you have any symptoms at all: get yourself tested and stay home!
Here's the latest news on the decisions made by the consultative committee: 

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