COVID-19 01/22 - zondag 16 januari 2022

New year and already the same shit it seems.
Until further notice most tournaments have been postponed or cancelled and there are no league games.
Imo season 2021-2022 will be the same as last season. It'll be declared null and void.
There are still some tournaments being played under strict rules:
- Limited entries
- Face masks are mandatory when you are not sitting at a table.
- CST (Covid Safe Ticket)
- No drinks allowed in the playing area
- Only players and markers in the playing area
- Social distancing
It's like a never ending story really, but as long as there are anti-vaxers and Covidiots in this world.... It's never gonna end.
It's hard on everyone, but the longer they refuse to get vaccinated and the longer they continue to disregard the Covid rules, the longer we'll all have to suffer.
Had the government not been so lax from the beginning, much suffering could probably have been avoided. But that's just my humble opinion.

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