COVID-19 01/22 Update - zondag 23 januari 2022

Well, a bit of good news for us dart players.
League games are resumed on January 29th. Obviously us dart players are thrilled with that news. This means the last league game of this season will be played in June... (if all goes well that is)
In order to finish all games on time we are allowed to play on 2 boards and/ or start earlier if the opposing team agrees.
The closing time for the hospitality sector (pubs and restaurants) has been changed from 2300H to midnight.
The COVID-19 measures are still in place. Meaning:
  • A valid CST (Covid Safe Ticket) is required to be allowed into the pub. As of March 1st this means you will have to have had your booster shot (3rd vaccination) 
  • Players and markers are to wear their face mask properly during their game.
  • Face masks are to be worn whenever you leave your table
  • No hand shakes
  • The social distancing rule (1,5m apart)
  • Wash and disinfect your hands regularly.
Let's all stick together on this one and follow the set measures and we might just finish the season this time. ;)

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