Our PDC fellas - zondag 26 juni 2022

Where do I even start....?
Darts has never been more popular in Belgium than it is now. Don't get me wrong: I am glad that it's finally getting the (media) attention we've been craving for years. And of course it was one of the few things you could do in the comfort of your own home during lock down. However.... It's not all positive.
We've got a few professional players in our little country. The most popular ones being Dimitri Van den Bergh and Kim Huybrechts of course. But, people tend to forget that we've also got Mike De Decker, Brian Raman, Geert De Vos, Mario Vandenbogaerde and Tony Martinez. Yes, the last one officially plays for Spain, but he's also a Belgian. All of them have a PDC tour card. So what if not all of them have won major titles yet? They're Belgians and we should be damned proud of these guys. Of ALL of them.
We finally get to watch most major tournaments on TV and what happens on social media? As long as they win everything is great. Positive comments all around. But then one of them loses and all of a sudden there's a shitload of negative comments about how badly they played, that they were crap, they don't deserve to be up there, etc.... And that, ladies and gentleman is a load of bull shit. All of a sudden we've got a bunch of experts criticizing our boys and breaking them down and some people get down right personal. That is NOT okay. Maybe I'm a bit bias because I know them all personally, but win or lose; I am proud of them. Always.
What those "critics" and "experts" seem to be ignorant of is that these guys are human beings, not machines. They work very hard to do what they do. They put in many hours of practice and they make a lot of sacrifices. They are away from their families a hell of a lot of the time and if you think that's easy: you're dead wrong. It's not all fun and games. It's hard work. 
They'll have good days and they'll have bad days, but saying someone played shite when they had a 100+ or a 94 average throughout the tournament? That's absolute bull crap. Every day is different. Every game is different. Hell, every friggin' leg is different.
I know that usually these type of comments come from ignoramuses who've  probably never played serious darts in their life or barely manage a 45 average, but still.... If you don't know what you're talking about or have nothing nice to say then just STFU.
Better yet: put your money where your mouth is: go to Q school, get a tour card and show everyone how it's done. 

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