To count or not to count - zaterdag 16 juli 2022

"To count or not to count" seems to be a very popular topic in darts nowadays.
Back when I started playing it was a given that you learned how to count and mark as this was and still is an important part of the game. It's basic math really. Something that everyone had in school, right?
To me it's painfully obvious though that some of the "new generation" dart players can't count very well. Quite a few of them use the calculator on their phone while marking. Possibly because they started playing during lock down and have always used Nakka, Dart Counter, Dart Connect etc. when playing online. Nothing wrong with that, but if you want to play tournaments and comps you will need to do mental math imo.
Every tournament you go to you'll have to mark at some point. (Unless you go and win it. Haha) Usually loser marks the next game. Most of us "old school" players don't like it when someone uses their phone while marking. On the one hand we should be glad they want to mark at all. On the other hand.... It's distracting and annoying when you're the one playing. If you need a little more time to count; just tell the players up front and most of us will understand and help you out. We all had to learn when we started playing. Some people have dyscalculia so they can't help switching numbers around, but that's a different matter altogether. 
I just wonder how you can play when you can't count properly. Seriously. Counting is really one of the most important aspects of darts. Knowing what to hit to set yourself on a check out is key. Learn the values of all trebles and all doubles and combinations. This is a matter of experience and routine obviously, but as I said before: it's basic math. Nobody expects you to be a math wiz. ;) And remember:  practice makes perfect.
Just my humble opinion, but I doubt I'm the only one who feels that way. 

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