Antwerp/ Belgium Open 2022 - Official rules - zondag 24 juli 2022

In light of the upcoming Antwerp and Belgium Open on August 6th and 7th I thought I'd write about the rules which will apply to these tournaments. It's a lot to take in (for the "newbees"), but it's good to know so I do urge you to read through it. This is after all an official WDF tournament and thus an international tournament which is a whole different ball game.


Registration has been closed on July 21st and the draw will be published on the event site after WDF has approved it. This to make sure that the seeded players are correct as per the WDF ranking tables.


 You will receive your player's card via email and you have to print this out as you need it throughout the tournament to register at the Control Desk prior to every match you need to play. It will have the times and the board assignment on it.

You have to register 15 minutes before the start of your game. Times are on your player's card. Bare in mind that as the tournament progresses these times are approximate and not exact. I strongly advise you to register at the Control Desk 15 minutes before the time on your card and wait at the Control Desk until your opponent shows up unless they tell you otherwise.

In that case go to your assigned board and wait until the previous game has finished. If you fail to register on time you will be disqualified. The scorecard is usually given to the 2nd player to register or the marker.

If after 5 minutes your opponent hasn't shown up you need to go to the Control Desk and have them called. After this they will get another 5 minutes to show. If they still fail to show up after this you need to go to the Control Desk with the scorecard and you will win that game by forfeiture. (Though officially there is a 3 minute rule)

You can start your game earlier if both you and your opponent are at the designated board and it's free and the marker is also there (obviously) ;)

Playing attire


Players are not permitted to wear jeans: neither shall they wear trousers or skirts made with denim or corduroy material, which have been fashioned in a "jeans style”. No training shoes will be allowed unless the player provides written medical reasons from a qualified practitioner. This restriction shall also apply to any form of "track suit” attire.

The correct playing attire is a darts shirt (or polo) with collar, dark trousers and dress shoes. Completely black sneakers are also allowed in my experience. 

I very strongly advise you make sure to wear this attire to the event even though it is mostly for stage games. 

For floor games you are required to wear a darts shirt (or polo) in any case. You are NOT allowed to wear a regular T-shirt or a top or a football shirt e.g. You are allowed to wear a regular 5-pocket jeans in the event it is NOT ripped. You CANNOT wear shorts, skirt, bermuda etc.


Order of play

The order of play of the match is determined by a bull throw. Player 1 on the scorecard will throw for the bull first. If the dart lands outside of the "25" or Bull segment it must remain in the board. If it is in the "25" or Bull segment the player who threw it or the marker has to remove the dart. A re-throw will have to be done in case the marker cannot determine which dart is nearer the Bull, both darts are in the "25" segment or both are in the Bull segment. The re-throw will then be done in reverse order. So player 2 and then player 1.

The winner of the Bull throw will start the game as well as all subsequent odd numbered legs and the eventual "tie-break" leg. (So, legs 1, 3, 5 etc...)

Officially the player names will be written on the scoreboard in the same order as they are on the scorecard.

NOTE: If a player requests that a dart, which is outside the ‘25’ sector, be straightened, this is allowed - the player must request that the dart be straightened. The Marker should place their finger underneath the dart that is to be straightened. They should then take the dart out of the board and replace it in exactly the same place, horizontal and straight. The dart should not be pulled or drawn down, as it will not be left in the correct place, i.e. where the point of the dart enters the board.


Each player is entitled to 6 practice darts prior to the start of the match.

Tournament play

Only players and markers are allowed inside the playing area. Supporters have to stay behind the "fences" of designated playing area.

NO drinks are allowed inside the playing area and in most cases they won't be allowed within the main playing area either. Officials will keep an eye on this.

When your opponent is at the oche you have to stay at least 60 cm behind them.

A player at the Oche is entitled to consult with the marker on the amount scored or required at any time during a throw.

If your equipment becomes damaged or lost during the course of a throw you shall be allowed up to '3' three minutes to repair or replace the equipment. (Broken shaft, damaged flight...)

The winner has to check after the match that the marker filled out the correct result on the scorecard.

The loser of the game will mark the next game on that board (unless otherwise indicated by the tournament officials).

Conduct/ Sportsmanship

Shake your opponent's hand or give a fist bump before and after the game and also before the "tie-break" leg. 

Walk back from the dartboard on the side of the marker. Never straight at your opponent or constantly switching sides. Or you can check with your opponent if he/ she stands either completely to the right or completely to the left of the oche if you can walk back on the opposite side.

Don't annoy your opponent during the match. Don't use offensive language or offensive gestures or try putting him/ her off. 

"Don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you"

As said previously the loser marks the next game on that board so if you lose, be a sport and do so. If you are unable to do so for a valid reason PLEASE make sure you find someone else to mark the game for you. Buy him/ her a drink afterwards as a thank you.

Well aware it's quite a read for the "newbees", but this is important. Wouldn't want anyone to be disqualified for not being aware of the rules. 

For those who want to check the official WDF rules:

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