Belfry & Bruges Open 2022 - maandag 10 oktober 2022

This past weekend it was time for the WDF's Belfry and Bruges Open tournaments which took place at the Tempelhof in Bruges.
There was a warming-up pairs tournament on Friday night, but I didn't play in this. I just went to the venue to pick up my player's cards.
On Saturday there were a lot of no-shows resulting in a bit of chaos at the start of the tournament. It can always happen that there are a few people who don't show up due to unforeseen circumstances, but I did feel there were a lot of them. 
I didn't have a great draw so I lost first round against Priscilla Steenbergen 4-1. I didn't play badly at all. I just didn't take the few chances I had and she ended up losing the semi's against Aileen De Graaf, so no shame in that. ;)
I ended up marking 4 games voluntarily due to people refusing or not showing up to mark. This was a trend throughout the entire tournament. It is clearly stated at the start of the tournament: if you lose your match you have to mark the next game on that board. It's always been like that. I get it, you lost, you're pissed of because you lost and you want to go outside to fume or to have a smoke. Well.... Suck it up, buttercup and just go and mark the next game and you can do whatever the hell you want after that. 
But nope, lots of people just didn't bother to stay at the board to mark. If it were me I would most definitely not allow them to play the next day or next year. It's not that hard btw. If you can't mark yourself; find someone to do it for you. Remember, if you don't mark and the players have to wait for another marker you're causing delays. It's called sportsmanship to do your duty. But hey, that might just be me being old school. 
James Hurrell and Aileen De Graaf won the Belfry open singles tournaments.
On Sunday my draw wasn't great either. I played Jo Clements. I just couldn't get going the first 3 legs. Felt like the board had been moved back, my timing was off... Eventually did manage to win the 4th leg and had 9 darts to win the 5th one to make it 3-2, but the double wouldn't go in. Thus I lost 4-1 to Jo.
This time I only marked the game after as is the rule, but didn't stick around or mark any more games.


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